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February 1, 2008

For two months, Ruth Hedges worked alongside Eastside Educational Trust in Woolmore School, Robin Hood Gardens Estate, east London, to document the lives of residents past and present – from the elderly who survived the war, to parents who emigrated from Bangladesh, and the local children whose school and homes will be demolished in the forthcoming regeneration. Read the rest of this entry »


Blueprint magazine

Work from Ripley St Thomas C of E School, Lancaster

Design and Technology at secondary level is in a state of flux. The subject is no longer compulsory and it’s harder than ever to justify trips to see D&T applied in the real world. Ruth Hedges asks D&T teachers how they foster creativity and what they need to make the subject flourish.

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Teenage wasteland

July 31, 2007

New Statesman online

Following another London gang killing, Ruth Hedges – who worked with youngsters on the estate where the shooting occurred – describes the frustrations and alienation behind the headlines.

The news headline came through: fatal shooting of young boy in Stockwell. My heart sank and I quickly looked at the TV. Read the rest of this entry »

The Herald

It took six months to turn Moray pupils into a tribe of feral children for an imaginative new production of the Bard’s Scottish play, discovers Ruth Hedges

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13 April 2007

MERGERS OF schools are always prone to friction and territorialism. But when two schools in Leeds with radically different pupil populations were combined, teachers had to act quickly to counter the racial divide. Read the rest of this entry »

Breaking the silence

March 1, 2007

Working with Headliners and Body and Soul, Ruth Hedges produced these candid pieces by teenagers living with HIV in London in 2007.

Living your life as a lie

A warning tale

Fight for Survival

The Herald Society
Tuesday June 21, 2005

The UK needs rural workers, inner-city youths need jobs. Is it a perfect match?
By Ruth Hedges
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