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Work from Ripley St Thomas C of E School, Lancaster

Design and Technology at secondary level is in a state of flux. The subject is no longer compulsory and it’s harder than ever to justify trips to see D&T applied in the real world. Ruth Hedges asks D&T teachers how they foster creativity and what they need to make the subject flourish.

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Teenage wasteland

July 31, 2007

New Statesman online

Following another London gang killing, Ruth Hedges – who worked with youngsters on the estate where the shooting occurred – describes the frustrations and alienation behind the headlines.

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Charlie Boy

July 25, 2007

Edinburgh Festival Guide 2007 THE LIST

Photo by Simon RixHounded by the press and bullied by his own party, it’s no surprise to discover that Charles Kennedy is enjoying his political sabbatical. Ruth Hedges catches up with him and finds a man at ease with the world again
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Life through a lens

July 25, 2007

Edinburgh Festival Guide 2007 THE LIST

Ruth Hedges introduces this year’s World Press Photo exhibition, which runs throughout August at the Scottish Parliament and powerfully documents people and places from across the globe.

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De La Warr

July 1, 2007

Simon Faithful’s 747 proposalBlueprint Magazine
Issue 256 / July 2007

In the Thirties the De La Warr Pavilion was conceived with a bold belief in modern socialism. Ruth Hedges outlines a new exhibition of imaginary proposals for its 21st-century use
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The Herald

It took six months to turn Moray pupils into a tribe of feral children for an imaginative new production of the Bard’s Scottish play, discovers Ruth Hedges

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8 magazine

book coverJeffrey Wolin
Umbrage Editions

We Vietnam veterans are unique. We’re the only vets that’s been tossed eggs and spat at, the only war veterans that have been treated like a piece of shit.”

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